Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sun is waking up

Hello Camilla Space Weather Prediction Team

As the sun make it's way toward solar maximum projected to be in 2013 or 2014 it is becoming more active. The last couple of weeks have seen a big increase in the level activity on the Sun. There have been several X class flares and we have had some beautiful flares and prominence eruptions such as this one from February 24, 2011. While all of this activity does make for very exciting images from SDO, it can also have a big impact on Earth, including disrupting radio and satellite signals. The NOAA Space Weather Scales help us to determine how big the impact of Space Weather will be on the Earth. Luckily the recent activity has not had a damaging impact on technology systems that we have grown to depend on like GPS and other satellite systems.

If you would like to check the current Space Weather Conditions you can do it at the NOAA Space Weather Prediction page and use the NOAA Space Weather Scales see what the potential impact is on our planet and the Astronauts and spacecraft in space.

Go to the Forecast part of this site to make your own space weather predictions and also learn about what scientists are looking for when they look at SDO and other solar images and data. This is a great time to start working on your own Space Weather prediction skills.